Geometry Dash Acropolis

Geometry Dash Acropolis

Geometry Dash Acropolis

Geometry Dash Acropolis



The 1.9 Insane Demon Level Geometry Dash Acropolis was made by Zobros. It is one of the most well-known Insane Demons ever. 

One could characterize Acropolis as a "Timing Hell". The majority of the challenges with Acropolis are related to timing. It's not the only challenging aspect of the level, though. The initial stages are the most difficult. Additionally, there are the wave and ship elements. Most people agree that the initial ship segment is the hardest part of the game because it requires very straight flying and is very difficult to bounce the ship up. Compared to the first ship portion, the second one is much easier. This part shouldn't feel particularly difficult if you can keep up with the rhythm.

User coins

Acropolis had a currency update in Version 2.0, which added three coins to the level. You obtain each one individually in this manner. 

  • At 20% of the first ball section is where the first coin is found. Since the coin sits underneath the pink orb, all the player has to do to get it is hit it with perfect timing. It is simple to strike too early and strike too late, crashing into the spike ball above instead of the wall.
  • The second coin can be found at 46% of the second ship sequence. The player has to time their flight perfectly to avoid hitting the spikes lining their path and to land in a position that allows them to pick up the second coin, all while being close to a gravity portal. They have to input and hold earlier than usual in order to collect the coin because it is positioned very far to the left.
  • The third coin can be found at the top of the spike balls at 95% during the last wave section. The coin must be obtained cautiously because there are blocks above it that could cause the player to collapse.
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