Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World


Version 2.4 (December 28, 2023)

New level:

  • Years

Version 2.1 (November 28, 2023)

Three levels:

  • Payload
  • Beast Mode
  • Machina

Geometry Dash World



Step into the vibrant world of Geometry Dash World and groove to the catchy music while bouncing from one platform to another! Start your adventure now!

Explore the Extraordinary Rhythm inside Geometry Dash World!

Geometry Dash World is the newest addition to the Geometry Dash franchise! Once again, lead your character through a series of unique obstacles and reach the end of all levels without crashing into the obstacles! You can play the online version of Geometry Dash World on your phone and PC completely free of charge without downloading. Experience 10 brand-new levels with different gimmicks and discover all kinds of achievements along the way!

Gameplay of Geometry Dash World online

Geometry Dash World gameplay has the goal of every level to lead the character to the end without touching any kind of obstacle. Whenever you collide into one accidentally, the level resets, and you will have to begin your run once again. This game may have very simple controls, but it is extremely hard to master, so expect to make a few attempts while you try to progress through countless obstacles!

How many levels are in Geometry Dash World

About Geometry Dash World all levels, the game features 10 different levels, which are divided into two main worlds: Dashland and Toxic Factory. Players have to complete levels in consecutive order to unlock the next ones. Below is the list of all levels:


Let's begin our mission to conquer Dashland - This is the first world where all players will begin their journey in Geometry Dash World. It features five levels and is regarded by many players as not very difficult. The five levels serve as an introduction to the game, with bright designs in the colorful world, a prominent feature of Geometry Dash World. In addition to the attractive design, all of the music in first world Dashland, composed by Dex Arson, is incredibly catchy and well-synced with the cube's movement.

  • Payload - 2 stars
  • Beast Mode - 2 stars
  • Machina - 3 stars
  • Years - 3 stars
  • Frontlines - 3 stars

Toxic Factory

Toxic Factory is the second world in Geometry Dash World and it can only be accessed once you complete all five levels in the first world, Dashland. In comparison to the levels in World 1, the five levels in Toxic Factory are considered to be more challenging, with the difficulty rating of all levels being 3 stars. If the first five stages are simply introductory, the Toxic Factory will present serious trials with more challenging hurdles to overcome. The globe is no longer colorful, and each level is designed in the style of Toxic Factory, immersing players in a terrifying environment. Waterflame, Dex Arson, and F-777 have developed magical music with quick, continually changing rhythms to accompany it.

  • Space Pirates - 3 stars
  • Striker - 3 stars
  • Embers - 3 stars
  • Round 1 - 3 stars
  • Monster Dance Off - 3 stars

Game Modes

In this game, each level has two modes: Normal and Practice.

  • Normal mode is the standard mode of gameplay with catchy music, but it requires players to have a perfect run without crashing into any obstacles.
  • With Practice Mode, you can have as many attempts as you want without having to start over from the beginning, but you still need to finish the level in Normal Mode to progress in the game.

You can personalize your character in the “Character” section of the main menu. Take a look, pick all the forms of the character, and customize the colors and different animations!

Key Features

  • Simple Controls: As with other Geometry Dash versions, one-touch gameplay is ideal for casual gaming. With a single touch, you can jump, flip, and fly through each level's visually spectacular and rhythmically synced world. Simple controls enable gamers of all ages to get started and navigate their way around Geometry Dash World.
  • Challenging Obstacles: Geometry Dash World's challenging levels range in difficulty from medium-hard to almost impossible. This challenge fuels players' desire to complete all levels. Completing 10 levels will not be simple, but remember that if you fail, you may always try again!
  • Vibrant graphics and energetic soundtrack: The background music and vibrant graphics undoubtedly contribute to Geometry Dash World's addictive appeal. This excellent combination generates an exciting environment for platformer enthusiasts as they reach each level.

How To Play

In this Geometry Dash World full version free, begin your gaming session by clicking on the “Play” icon button. After that, you will notice that there are two islands, each with five levels. These levels appear in order based on their difficulties. You need to finish one level to unlock the next one. As such, Toxic Factory is not available until you have completed every level of Dashland.

You control the character by pressing the spacebar or clicking the left mouse button in a level of Geometry Dash World on PC. Doing that results in the character jumping or flying up, depending on the form it is in.

For example, in the normal Cube form, pressing the button once results in it jumping, and you can hold down the button to make it jump continuously. On the other hand, in Ship form, the character flies up every time you press the button. As you advance further, you will discover new forms of your character, so keep on playing!


  • Lead the character to the end of each level to complete it.
  • If the character touches any obstacles, such as spikes or other objects, along the way, players will have to start the level from the beginning.
  • The form of the character and its movement can change depending on the portal it goes through.
  • The environment also changes throughout the level, depending on the portal the character passes through. This includes flipping the platform vertically or horizontally.

FAQs about Geometry Dash World

What's the main difference between Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World?

Geometry Dash World is essentially a free extension for the full version of Geometry Dash. This is a 2.1 update that includes ten new yet brief levels lasting about 30 seconds each. The unique feature is that you can play all levels of Geometry Dash World online without downloading!

How To Get Keys in Geometry Dash World?

As you progress through Geometry Dash World, you'll encounter items that allow you to unlock new icons, effects, and mysteries. All it takes to obtain keys is to unlock the daily chests. Whether or not you acquire the keys relies on your luck, but it is still an effective method of obtaining keys.

Is Geometry Dash World free?

Geometry Dash World is completely free to play here! You may begin conquering levels in Geometry Dash World right away without paying or downloading; play whenever you want!

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