Geometry Dash Boss 3 Electro

Geometry Dash Boss 3 Electro

Geometry Dash Boss 3 Electro

Geometry Dash Boss 3 Electro



Geometry Dash Boss 3 Electro is the third level in the boss series of the Xender Game. 

There are 56,940 objects at this level. Even though this is Xender Game's first boss fight, it's still quite good. Unlike some levels that have a 10-second boss fight at the conclusion, this boss fight lasts for more than half of the level. Furthermore, once you get the hang of it, the gameplay is very entertaining. Many professional players have commented that while the boss design and attacks aren't as fantastic as the others, they're nonetheless visually appealing and appear decent. 


To jump and fly in this game, press the spacebar. 

Players looking forward to other levels created by Xender Game certainly cannot miss Geometry Dash Boss V Devourers - a level with lower difficulty for beginners or Geometry Dash Ultra Violence - an amazing Medium Demon level.

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