Geometry Dash DorabaeDifficult4

Geometry Dash DorabaeDifficult4

Geometry Dash DorabaeDifficult4

Geometry Dash DorabaeDifficult4



Geometry Dash: DorabaeDifficult4 will take you on an addicting and exciting trip filled with numerous difficult tasks. 

The fourth level in the DorabaeDifficult Series

Dorabae is the creator of the well-known Geometry Dash game series, Dorabae-Basic. They were a well-known Geometry Dash level maker and player from South Korea. The Dorabae-Basic and Dorabae-Difficult series are primarily known for them; some of these were transformed into more challenging versions for the Dorabae-Difficult series, while others were included in map packs. For those who have mastered DorabaeBasic4, there is a more challenging version called DorabaeDifficult4. 


Use the LMB spacebar to navigate a geometric shape through a sequence of risks and obstacles. 

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