Geometry Dash Dream Cream

Geometry Dash Dream Cream

Geometry Dash Dream Cream

Geometry Dash Dream Cream



We're glad you're here at Geometry Dash Dream Cream, another Geometry Dash game that you should try if you've tried Geometry Dash World

Do you anticipate enjoying this game series' growing dramatic and challenging challenges? Geometry Dash Dream Cream shouldn't be missed. The former level, which incorporates the latter's aesthetic and soundtrack, borrows a lot of its decorations and speed portal placements from the latter. Take on some very challenging challenges to explore the world of Dream Cream! 

Try to dodge obstacles on your route, and don't forget to gather extra coins. To advance to the following rounds, you will have more bonus points. 


How To Play

  • Jump and land on yellow rings by clicking.
  • You can hold to fly up in ship mode, release to fly down.
  • Jump high by striking a yellow pad.
  • (Missing a gravity gateway) Jump higher by hitting a blue pad.

To play this game right now, click. By turning off the background (Press B) or the effects (Press L), you can also lessen lag when playing this game. 

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