Geometry Dash Fala

Geometry Dash Fala

Geometry Dash Fala

Geometry Dash Fala



Geometry Dash Fala, a tough skill game from Mineber, requires you to race through a series of fast-paced platform mazes.

Gameplay of Geometry Dash Fala 

Geometry Dash Fala is a Mineber Hard level. Your cube will move quickly ahead on its own in this leaping game. You must precisely time your leaps in order to move it over the lethal spikes, up the stairs, and across the floating platforms. Your cube will burst up if it crashes into any barriers. To reach the end of each section and serve as a checkpoint, gather the stars and look for the magical gateway.


To leap and to jump on yellow rings, press the spacebar or up arrow key. 


  • Difficult gameplay: As levels get more sophisticated, they become harder to complete.
  • Bright Images: The intricate and enthralling geometric landscapes are visually striking.
  • Many Characters: Select a persona that best represents your personal style.
  • Unlimited Attempts: Until you complete every level, you are free to attempt again and again.
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