Geometry Dash Family

Geometry Dash Family

Geometry Dash Family

Geometry Dash Family



Geometry Dash Family is an Insane level with an 8-star rating and three user coins. As the most current installment in the Extreme Demon series, this level is a good starting point for Geometry Dash newcomers.

Tips to collect user coins

  • The first coin. Using the dash orb at 0:06 is somewhat late for this one. As the last level of Serponge was so simple, it only went up to Gold. Coins, on the other hand, are more common. You can employ dash orbs a little early or late.
  • The Second coin. At 0:23, you may find this one. Likewise, the path to attain it is comparatively simpler, even though it's more difficult. It is more difficult than the typical path, although it isn't "hidden."
  • The third coin. A rather well-hidden key appears at 0:16. The keys are really visible, instead of merely throwing a key in midair. It is around 0:37 that the coin itself is revealed.  

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