Geometry Dash Ground Zero

Geometry Dash Ground Zero

Geometry Dash Ground Zero

Geometry Dash Ground Zero



Geometry Dash Ground Zero is a fantastic level in Gauntlets with a rating of 10 stars. Click to play right now! 

The only thing that saves the level and propels it to third place in Poison Gauntlet is the gameplay and soundtrack. The level lasts 1 minute and 26 seconds. Many obstacles have been arranged to prevent you from reaching the finish line. So be very careful throughout the process. The level has three special coins. 


The first part of the level is a pretty easy cube stage. To begin, you jump on the platforms and click on the spheres at full speed. Next, you do the same thing slowly. There will be an alarm sound at this point, and it will flash red. When this stage is over, you'll reach a hallway lined with blue trampolines. "This is Ground Zero" is written on the screen. 

The next stage is the spider stage, where you'll need to use spheres to avoid things that are hooked. After that is the ship stage, where all you have to do is fly around the blocks. After that is a short, easy ball step. The next step is the UFO, where you have to avoid bumpy and smooth obstacles. You will first jump on trampolines in the next cube part. Then you will click on spheres and jump on pillars, and finally, you will jump on trampolines again. 

The next stage is the spider one. You have to stay away from the spikes as you move along the poles and click on the spheres. The cube stage comes next. To play this, just jump on the poles and click on the spheres. There is a name for the person who made the level at the end of the stage: "DorSha."

User Coins

  • In the cube stage, the first coin is at 22%. You don't have to click on the last green sphere to get it.
  • In the mini-UFO stage, the second coin is at 66%. You have to fly under the rotating tower to get it.
  • In the cube stage, the third coin is at 92%. You have to jump off the next-to-last pole in front of the trampoline to get it.

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