Geometry Dash OMG Aliens

Geometry Dash OMG Aliens

Geometry Dash OMG Aliens

Geometry Dash OMG Aliens



Welcome to DanZmeN's amazing level, Geometry Dash OMG Aliens, with an 8-star rating. In addition, this is the second level of Monster Gauntlet.

When Monster Gauntlet was added to the list of challenges in Insane Epic, the level's notoriety among those difficulties skyrocketed. The boss battles in Geometry Dash OMG Aliens are well-synchronized with the soundtrack, guaranteeing an optimal gaming experience. Play as your geometric avatar navigates a number of carefully created levels chock-full of obstacles, spikes, and shifting platforms!  


  • Simple Controls: Playing with just one touch is great for relaxed games.
  • Character Variety: There are many heroes to choose from, so each game is different.
  • Challenging Obstacles: Obstruction patterns that change and get harder as you go.
  • Addictive Gameplay: Fun and addicting gameplay with an interesting skill-based growth system.

Tips to collect user coins

In the hidden route, the sole coin is 64%. You must take the key at 54% and then complete the timing on the blue sphere at 56% in order to get there. Following this, we discover that we are on a hidden route that leads to a coin.

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