Geometry Dash Ominous

Geometry Dash Ominous

Geometry Dash Ominous

Geometry Dash Ominous



Geometry Dash Ominous is a Normal level created by the player Hyenada for those looking for less difficult tasks. 

Especially since this level was created in black and white, which is why it was chosen for Shadow Gauntlet. It includes two works of art, pyramids and a candle, as well as many effects like jagged stripes and falling circles. The soundtrack is also beautifully chosen: it's a remix of the Lavender Town melody from Pokémon Red and Blue, which adds a mystery vibe to the level. 

User coins

  • The first coin has a 14% return. To get it, crawl beneath the block and then jump from the edge of the block to return.
  • The second coin is currently at 57%. You must climb through the structure's heart to obtain it.
  • The third coin has a value of 68%. You must jump rather than fall on trampolines. The coin will then be yours to keep.

How To Play

You must navigate around a large number of obstacles without running into them.

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