Geometry Dash Quest for Perfection

Geometry Dash Quest for Perfection

Geometry Dash Quest for Perfection

Geometry Dash Quest for Perfection



Geometry Dash Quest for Perfection is a 2.0 solo Extreme Demon produced, published, and confirmed by LazerBlitz. It's a nerfed version of Cataclysm. 

This level was once classified as an Extreme Demon, although some consider it too simple for that classification. This was once thought to be one of the game's easiest Extreme Demons, even easier than Geometry Dash Cataclysm and The Ultimate Phase. At this time, it may be found in the Legacy List for the Geometry Dash Demonlist. Get ready to start on an exciting journey with 56,784 objects in 1 minute and 18 seconds. 


  • The portions will be greatly influenced by those utilized at that level but will be slightly nerfed. As a result, only the areas that have changed will be listed below. 
  • The first change occurs around 39% of the way through the cruise. It has been changed into a much easier flying portion where the player must strike two orbs, one green, and one blue, to miss two sets of spikes before one straight fly follows. Previously, this section had two independent straight-flying sections.
  • One minor adjustment is that the mirror portal found previously has been deleted from the long 63% flying segment.
  • The most significant change in the level occurs at the very end when the entire slow wave is replaced with an explosive dual segment. It begins as a ship/cube battle, with the ship flying between spikes while the cube hops along.  

How To Play

To control your character in the game, you simply need to press one button. To make it jump, press the left mouse button or the spacebar. 

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