Geometry Dash Shock

Geometry Dash Shock

Geometry Dash Shock

Geometry Dash Shock



Start playing Geometry Dash Shock right away to overcome the challenges! 

A feature of Geometry Dash Shock is its frequent speed fluctuations. It comes after the First Race and before Magmatic Sanctuary on the fourth level of the Fire Gauntlet. It is also the Harder level of the game with the most downloads and likes. The extra half-speed portal that was put outside of boundaries causes the level's actual length, which is 56 seconds, to appear to be 1 minute and one second.

User Coins

  • The player must avoid the green orb at 12% in the first cube segment in order to land on the platform above and receive the currency.
  • The key must be picked up in the air with an additional jump at 56% near the second triple-speed portal, and the coin will appear at 58% and be available for free collection. The key first appears at 55%, just before the drop.
  • The player must descend onto a secret platform at 90% of the last cube segment before the coin will appear.


You may control by using the mouse, up and down arrows, or the spacebar. 

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