Music Line 2 Christmas

Music Line 2 Christmas

Music Line 2 Christmas

Music Line 2 Christmas



Added to the collection of rhythm-based games under choice by many players is Music Line 2 Christmas. Designed as the follow-up to the first Music Line game, a rhythm-based game in which players guide a rolling ball across several hurdles, 

The gameplay of Music Line 2 Christmas

The primary character of the game is a tiny frozen cube that is falling down a small hill when you first start it. When the path abruptly veers off course, the objective is to swiftly alter direction to ensure the cube travels safely. This is a difficult task since traffic conditions can change suddenly, and even a delayed response could result in an accident that sends you off the main path. But keep in mind that this is a game with music. You can tell when directions are about to change by paying attention to the rhythm. For your safety, go fast and precisely to the finish line. 


Use arrow keys to move.

Additionally, explore several settings and get bonus gems to access more elements at the store.  

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