Roller Baller

Roller Baller

Roller Baller

Roller Baller



Your ability to balance and navigate will be severely tested in Roller Baller, as you progress through the many levels and learn to manipulate the rolling ball with little motions. 

There's no room for error on these platforms, so you have to be careful if you want to finish the level. Because even a minor error forces you to redo the level. In addition, there are numerous cunning traps scattered throughout the game, so in addition to having quick reflexes, you'll also need to learn how to adjust and minimize the risks these barriers pose.

Features of Roller Baller

  • Customization: Choose from a variety of skins and colors to customize your sphere, making it easier for you to stand out as you roll around the tracks.
  • Easy controls: Players can move the ball in any direction with the game's simple, one-touch controls.
  • Leaderboards: Fight for the top spot on the leaderboards against friends and players from across the world. 
  • Regular Updates: To keep the game engaging and new, the developers are always introducing new challenges and levels.


To move left, right, ahead, or backward, use the arrow keys or WASD. To leap, use the Spacebar.

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