3D Ball Fall

3D Ball Fall

3D Ball Fall

3D Ball Fall



In the game 3D Ball Fall, you play as a ball that defies gravity as it makes its way down an intriguing trip. You have to hit the tower with the falling ball to destroy it. You'll come across new and distinctive mazes as you progress through this captivating puzzle game. You have the ability to access new colors and balls. Let's complete every difficult level to find what your potential best score is! 

How to play 3D Ball Fall

Reaching the base of the multicolored tower as soon as you can without pausing is the aim of the game. Only the colorful parts of the tower will let your ball to descend, but there will be black pieces in your path that will act as barriers. You will be eliminated and your score will be reset to zero if you choose to proceed through them.  

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