Helix Fruit Jump

Helix Fruit Jump

Helix Fruit Jump

Helix Fruit Jump



In the well-known game Helix Fruit Jump, players control a bouncing ball as it descends a helix-shaped platform composed of vibrant fruit slices. 

Coming off another Helix game, get ready! A wacky ball game with cartoon graphics and easy controls, Helix Fruit Jump is waiting for you. The pieces of cake and fruit in this platform game are varied. By attempting to pass the bouncing ball on the platform through these spaces, you must descend to the ground floor. The game is entertaining and addictive due to its one-tap, simple controls and 3D graphics.

How to play

Use the mouse to move left and right. In this manner, the bouncing ball securely passes through the spiral tower's openings. As you lower the ball through the openings in the helix tower, keep in mind not to run into any obstacles. 

Helix Fruit Jump challenges the player to score the most points while attempting to survive a number of increasingly demanding stages. Wishing you luck! 

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