Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends



Basketball Legends is a fascinating multiplayer game in which you can play alone or with another player. 

Are you prepared to go on an exciting basketball adventure? MadPuffers produced Basketball Legends for basketball enthusiasts. To get ready for a genuine, thrilling basketball game, you can train, play in a tournament, or play a fast match. These entertaining basketball games offer something for everyone, regardless of how big of a fan you are of the sport!

How to play Basketball Legends

Select the mode first: local save or internet save. Next, choose one of the following three options: a fast game, 02 players, or 1 player. 

In the game CPU, you can play against your friends, the NBA champion, or both, depending on the mode. Selecting the two-player mode, which lets you play with friends or renowned NBA champions, will provide the most thrilling experience.

Select a basketball player next. If you choose them, the best basketball players in the world will enter the game. You can now play Basketball Legends however you want. 

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