Geometry Dash Acceleron

Geometry Dash Acceleron

Geometry Dash Acceleron

Geometry Dash Acceleron



In the Geometry Dash game series, Geometry Dash Acceleron is a video game that combines elements of music and platforming. 

This level has a few extremely tight spots, which made it somewhat difficult to complete. It's a rather difficult level. The first Ship element of the level was the hardest, and that small Wave section at about 57% was also challenging. It takes accurate timing when traveling and accurate straight-flying technique to go through that area because it is so tight. However, generally, despite the challenging sections, we hope you will love every second of the level!


Get ready to be mesmerized by Acceleron's stunning visuals. You'll be sucked further into the action thanks to its spectacular effects, vivid colors, and atmospheric realism. A pulsing soundtrack that goes along with the graphics keeps you on the edge of your seat while you overcome the level's obstacles. 

How To Play

In the game, controlling your character simply takes pressing one button. It will jump if you use the spacebar or the left mouse button. 

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