Geometry Dash Battletown

Geometry Dash Battletown

Geometry Dash Battletown

Geometry Dash Battletown



A fan-made version of the well-known Geometry Dash series, Geometry Dash Battletown challenges you to go on an unparalleled rhythmic journey. The player Tongii made the level Geometry Dash Battletown. In the Bonus Gauntlet, this level comes in third place. 


  • Customization: A powerful level editor lets you create your own geometric challenges, so let your imagination run wild. There are countless options.
  • Leaderboards: Go up the leaderboards by competing against gamers from throughout the globe. 
  • Collectibles: To gain unique rewards and achievements, find hidden collectibles across the levels. They up the ante on the gameplay's difficulty and intensity.
  • Community Support: Get involved with a fervent group of gamers who exchange strategies, pointers, and personal-level updates. 

How to collect user coins

  • At 31%, the first coin is. The coin itself is located at the top "pyramid," which you must fly into to get it.
  • At 77%, the second coin is. You must fly into the structure containing the currency to get it.
  • At 97%, the third coin is the last one. You must jump into the pit below to grab it; if you fall, the block will destroy you.

This game will captivate you for hours on end with its distinct stages, engrossing music, and passionate community. Take a look at the universe of geometric marvels and start your journey now! 

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