Geometry Dash Breakthrough

Geometry Dash Breakthrough

Geometry Dash Breakthrough

Geometry Dash Breakthrough



If you're a fan of the Geometry Dash series, you should try your hand at Geometry Dash Breakthrough, a Hard Demon level that was created by Hinds. 

This is one of the few pre-2.0 levels that received validated silver user coins as a result of the 2.0 Update. Geometry Dash Nine Circles and ForceDynamix are two more examples. Despite its difficulties, Breakthrough is quite tough and demanding owing to the fast-paced wave phase, 12,995 objects, several key timings, incredible memorization, and an extremely difficult ship sequence.

User coins

This level has three user coins. However, the second user coin is likely the most difficult to obtain:

  • The first user coin is found around 29% of the way through the first ship sequence. The player must carefully go through a gravity gateway to reach the coin, which is hidden beneath a "L" shaped 1.4 block. Be cautious since there is a spike at the portal.
  • The second user coin may be found at 74% on the top of the gravity portal in the first mini-wave mode. The player must get the second coin at the right time or they will crash.
  • At the last mini cube segment, the third user coin is at 92%. The player must jump off a ramp, bypassing the conventional route and proceeding directly to the last user coin. There is a blue pad that takes the player through the standard path to a blue gravity portal.

How To Play

Move around countless obstacles without colliding with them.

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