Geometry Dash Carnation

Geometry Dash Carnation

Geometry Dash Carnation

Geometry Dash Carnation



Geometry Dash Carnation is the third level of the Ice Gauntlet and is widely regarded as the best level. 

IlhamAulia designed and published Geometry Dash Carnation, a 2.0/2.1 Harder 6* level. The level begins with a Low Detail Mode choice and a cube segment with well-synchronized gameplay and a few pace alterations. Then it switches to a small ship section, then a robot segment, then a ball segment, then a UFO segment, and finally back to a cube, all of which are perfectly timed until the transition to darkness. 

User coins

  • To grab the coin, the player must leap into a phony pillar at 9% in the first robot phase.
  • To get the coin at 44%, the player must spam to direct the UFO above a saw-blade.
  • At 54%, the player must fall between a huge and tiny spike to collect the coin, and an invisible blue pad will return the player to the normal route.

How To Play

Use your mouse to click/use spacebar.

A pulsing music complements the aesthetics of the level's 17,342 objects and features. Have a fantastic time! 

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