Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard

Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard

Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard

Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard



Based on the gameplay of the original Geometry Dash game, Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard is a fan-built version made by HTigerzGD. With a rating of 7 stars and one user coin, this is a more difficult level. A dramatic journey testing your reflexes and mathematical prowess awaits you at this Harder level. 


  • Easy Controls: The controls in Geometry Dash are simple; to make the character jump, you usually just need to tap the screen or click one button.
  • Rhythm-Based Gameplay: A major focus on rhythm and music synchronization went into designing the game's stages. The background music frequently synchronizes with the obstacles and platforms that players must maneuver through.
  • Customizable Characters: Players can add various skin tones and colors to their characters to make them more unique.
  • Practice Mode: The game has a Practice Mode where players can practice tricky areas without going through the entire level, which helps players master difficult sections of a level.


To leap over obstacles, press the spacebar or LMB. Best of luck! 

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