Geometry Dash ForceDynamix

Geometry Dash ForceDynamix

Geometry Dash ForceDynamix

Geometry Dash ForceDynamix



Geometry Dash ForceDynamix is a medium demon-themed version of the original Geometry Dash game.

Hexagon Force and Electrodynamix have been combined to create ForceDynamix. With over 4,390,000 downloads and over 216,000 likes, this level is particularly well-known for its intricacy. The two stages provide the main challenge. Coins and a concluding robot stage were added to the level with update 2.0. 

Gameplay of Geometry Dash ForceDynamix

  • A cube stage opens the level. There are numerous traps here, after which the speed picks up. The ship then starts and splits in two after that. The next step was a quick but challenging combination of the ball and the UFO. The next cube is comparable to the first. Then came a straightforward UFO.
  • A cube that splits into two, returns to its original state and then splits into two again. After that, there are repeated shifts in gravity before the ship splits and reunites. The cube is next.
  • At triple speed, a hefty double ball begins to roll. A single tiny ship that looks like a stage from Electrodynamix follows. Then, between each stage of the cube, a ball briefly emerges, followed by a cube with five spikes and frequent clicks on the spheres.
  • The level slows down, you turn into a ship, and the ship eventually divides in half. After a few platform hops by the robot, the game is over.

User coins

  • On the ship stage, at 14%, is where you can find the first coin. Here, you must fly into a small passageway to acquire it.
  • The UFO stage, where the second coin is located, is at 29%. Here, just like in the first instance, you must fly between two saws.
  • On the ship stage, at 94%, is where you can find the third coin. In theory, you shouldn't fly there, but you have to. When gathered, invisible size gates will lower you and then increase you right away.

How To Play

The goal of the game is to control a square-shaped avatar through a succession of dynamically created stages that are riddled with traps, spikes, and other dangers.

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