Geometry Dash INNARDS

Geometry Dash INNARDS

Geometry Dash INNARDS

Geometry Dash INNARDS



Geometry Dash INNARDS is a great challenge for gamers seeking Extreme Demon with the most difficult obstacles.

Although it was formerly nearly impossible to complete, it was initially intended to be a Harder level. For Viprin's eighth Creator Contest, the creator, Cinci, changed it from a Medium Demon hard level to Extreme Demon difficulty after supposedly "hearing the drop" of the song utilized.


A nearly difficult 2.5 spike leap at half-speed opens the level. The next move is a very challenging cube-robot sequence. The player must continue leaping on the Rohga, an object that resembles a cat.

After that, there is a single-speed phase with a ship, ball, and UFO that all call for precise time and expertise. It's incredibly simple to lose concentration and crash because the transition into the drop is so unsteady. Following the changeover, there is a section that calls for numerous exact ball and wave timings as well as straight flying. The 50–65% of the level, which contains numerous incredibly challenging cube and wave timings and more straight-flying, might be regarded as its most challenging portion.

After 65%, the player moves through a challenging but brief dual-cube part that changes into a spider. The player then transforms into a dual ship, and after that, a dual wave, which calls for exact timing and straight flying. 

User coins

  • At 14%, the first coin is situated. The player must leap while getting as near to the spike as possible in order to collect it. The player must first gather the key before collecting it.
  • The position of the second coin is 38%. The player must fly along the lower path to get it. The player needs to gather two skulls first before they may get it.
  • The third coin, the last one, is at 89%. The player must not jump down to the ship portal in order to grab it. The player must first gather a key before collecting it. 
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