Geometry Dash Killbot

Geometry Dash Killbot

Geometry Dash Killbot

Geometry Dash Killbot



Lithifusion created Geometry Dash Killbot, an extreme demon level rated 10 stars. This Extreme Demon is WHErwin's least favorite. Lithifusion posted the first glimpse of Geometry Dash Killbot on June 15, 2017.

Geometry Dash Killbot GamePlay

The level starts with a small ball part that suddenly changes speeds from half-speed to triple-speed and has tricky rhythms. After that, there is a short spider part that is played in a similar way. During these two parts, the Killbot is installing in the background. After that, the Killbot download is shown by an automatic cube section. After the music stops, the player goes into a triple-speed cube area that feels a lot like a part of Fake A Doom. After that is a three-second segment about a car.

How To Play

You'll enter a challenging ship segment that features narrow passageways, numerous obstacles like orbs, and infrequent straight flies to make it even trickier. So be careful as you move!

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