Geometry Dash Operation

Geometry Dash Operation

Geometry Dash Operation

Geometry Dash Operation



Geometry Dash Operation is an Easy Demon level developed by GW JAX, a Korean designer.

Jax was a Korean creator who worked on Geometry Dash in its early stages. He has some of the most popular, downloaded, and well-known levels in history. Many of his levels can be found in Map Packs level, and he produced one of the game's early Demons. Geometry Dash Operation is one of the most visually appealing levels that players should try at least once. An intriguing fact about this level is that it was initially widely criticized when it was first released, but it currently has around 100,000 more likes than dislikes.

How To Play

  • The stage begins with a cube stage. You must jump on pillars, click on spheres, and sometimes jump over spikes. There will be several traps along the road.
  • You then transform into a ball. You must avoid spikes and saws, often using spheres and gravitational portals, and sometimes simply moving along blocks.
  • You then play for the cube. You must hop on the pillars while avoiding the spikes. There will also be numerous trampolines used as traps.
  • The stage of the ship with forks follows. You fly below, then above, then below, then above, then below, and then above again.
  • After that, you simply jump on the blocks and click on the spheres before jumping over the spikes.
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