Geometry Dash Parastrike

Geometry Dash Parastrike

Geometry Dash Parastrike

Geometry Dash Parastrike



Prepare yourself for an adventure, unlike anything you have ever been on in Geometry Dash Parastrike. Are you prepared to accept the challenge and deal with the challenges this game presents? 

Geometry Dash Parastrike is the ideal game if you enjoy challenging, fast-paced games. Tongii made the insane-level Geometry Dash Parastrike. To become the winner, you will have to manage a geometric character and navigate through perilous terrain. The level contains three user coins and an 8-star difficulty rating. Make an effort to gather all the coins! 

How to play

Whenever you notice an impediment in your path, simply press the left mouse button to jump. Watch out for squares, spiky wheels, and other obstacles that could prevent you from finishing each level. Remember to gather the stars you encounter on your journey in order to access new characters.

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