Geometry Dash Plasmatron

Geometry Dash Plasmatron

Geometry Dash Plasmatron

Geometry Dash Plasmatron



Geometry Dash Plasmatron is an Epic Harder level rated 7 stars and 3 user coins by Distortt. Fans of Geometry games will be ready for a challenging and interesting gameplay experience with this level! 

More than just a level, Geometry Dash Plasmatron is a journey that pushes players to raise their game and reach new levels of ability and precision. This game necessitates good control and quickness. The character's pace will increase over time, so you must react as swiftly as possible. Aside from this game, many others require quick reactions.  

How to play Geometry Dash Plasmatron

  • To leap and hop on yellow circles, use the spacebar or click.
  • Skip the spikes.
  • Hold to rise in ship mode and let go to descend. 

Tips to collect User coins

  • First Coin: At 0:11, jump to obtain the secret coin that will unlock the path to the coin at 0:25.
  • Second Coin: At 0:40, do not utilize the Purple Jump Orb. The trail will lead you straight to the coin.
  • Pick up the test tube at 0:44 with the third coin. To obtain the currency, destroy the block at 0:48.

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