Geometry Dash Schade

Geometry Dash Schade

Geometry Dash Schade

Geometry Dash Schade



Geometry Dash Schade is a Harder created via the effort of players Alkali and BranSilver. Schade is the first level of Magic Gauntlet.

One of the things that sets Schade apart from other levels is its black-and-white layout and color scheme. Schade is created in a simple design with a hint of ornamentation in the blocks and background. As you can see, the blocks mostly have gray and gloomy black tones. Experienced players claim that Schade's gameplay is not that challenging, however, it's important to note that the player may occasionally become confused while maneuvering among moving objects. 

Tips to collect user coins

  • You need to get the key in order to get the first coin.  When you get the key, you need to jump at 59% on the spiked block, and a path will appear that goes to the coin.
  • You need to fly 71% away from the blue gravity portal to get the second coin. When the figure turns into a cube, he will get a coin in the opposite gravity. 
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