Geometry Dash Sine Wavs

Geometry Dash Sine Wavs

Geometry Dash Sine Wavs

Geometry Dash Sine Wavs



Geometry Dash Sine Wavs is an Insane Demon level that uses the green color scheme and is a challenging remake of Geometry Dash Nine Circles.

By Dorami, who also validated and published the level. The color pattern of Sine Wavs begins with lime and changes to olive green during the wave segment. There is a wave portion in the level that requires a lot of memorizing. It's arguable whether this level actually is difficult. Despite being rated as an Insane Demon, many people thought it was a Medium/Hard Demon. 


A relatively challenging cube segment with a lot of phony lines, groups of spikes, and traps opens the level. The player next begins a somewhat challenging ship segment that consists of a lot of spikes, extremely awkward flying, gravity portals, and orbs while primarily remaining in mirror mode. The player then moves on to a simple cube segment with a few traps, which leads to a triple-speed wave segment.

There are a lot of phony sawblades, traps, and lines in this wave part. There are a lot of gateways for gravity and speed as well. The dual portion of this level, which appears in the middle but is packed with traps, is its easiest section.

The player can take a break with a short, half-speed cube segment at the end of the wave phase, which includes a few challenging jumps. The level ends with the creator's name and the written "GG" after the player enters a mini-wave anti-gravity segment.


How To Play

You may control your geometric character's flight by clicking the screen. 

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