Geometry Dash Spooky Light

Geometry Dash Spooky Light

Geometry Dash Spooky Light

Geometry Dash Spooky Light



In Geometry Dash Spooky Light, you have to guide a cube through progressively challenging stages. 

This Gauntlet level was created by Serponge. Spooky Light is the first level of Shadow Gauntlet. The level begins at quadruple speed, with you simply needing to jump over the spikes with the rings. As with other Geometry Dash games, you must anticipate and dodge obstacles by using your hearing, rhythm, and peripheral vision.

Tips to play Geometry Dash Spooky Light

  • Observe the rhythm: You can also get hints about potential obstacle placements from the level's beat. For instance, a block can be approaching if you detect a discernible shift in rhythm.
  • Make use of your peripheral vision: Obstacles are invisible to the naked eye, but they are seen out of the corner of your eye. You may have a few extra milliseconds as a result of reacting and dodging obstacles.
  • Regular practice will help you become more adept at anticipating challenges and responding fast.
  • Keep trying: Geometry Dash Spooky Light is challenging, but it can be finished with perseverance and practice.

How to collect user coins

The first coin can be found on the ship segment, close to where the second bulb is located. You can soar through man-made blocks and onto the hanging platforms at the upper shelf. There's a penny below the second wooden stump.

The UFO contains the second coin. Go down fast and destroy the two ghosts that appear at the bottom of the screen. There will be a coin drop from the bottom one.

In the last section is the third and last coin. There is a hidden ring that you can bounce on behind the 83% thick trunk. The player will then be able to walk on the platforms' bottoms instead of through the gravity portals. To get to the prey beneath one of them, it leaps over them.

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