Geometry Dash Starquake

Geometry Dash Starquake

Geometry Dash Starquake

Geometry Dash Starquake



In Geometry Dash, the Geometry Dash Starquake by MasK463 is classified as Medium Demon

Included in Demon Pack 2 alongside Super Cycles and Hextec Flow, it represents the second difficulty tier. You have 1 minute and 24 seconds to complete a trip with 6,497 objects in this level. Numerous elements of the level need memorization using deception and cunning. Although this level is renowned for requiring a fair lot of memorization, which was actually improved in the 2.0 update, it is unique in that all of the gameplay takes place in cube mode. 

Gameplay of Geometry Dash Starquake 

  • There is only one game mode on the level, the cube. The level's numerous fakes, techniques, timings, and demanding memorization make it moderately challenging.
  • At other times, the level is still black but has various object colors. The final section's color scheme appears to be predominantly orange, though.
  • Most of the time, the cube remains small rather than growing in size. The level does contain several glitches, though.
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