Geometry Dash Yatagarasu

Geometry Dash Yatagarasu

Geometry Dash Yatagarasu

Geometry Dash Yatagarasu



Geometry Dash Yatagarasu level shows Yatagarasu, a three-legged crow from Japanese folklore. It is called "the final Demon of 2.0.

About Geometry Dash Yatagarasu

Extreme Demon mega-collaboration that was initially validated and uploaded by TrusT. The level was thought to be a sequel to Bloodbath, another Riot production. Yatagarasu maintains the original's magnificent and slightly terrifying ambiance while overhauling the design, art, animations, and backgrounds; this isn't just a fresh coat of paint on top of an old level, it's so much more. 

The stage begins with a ship sequence. The arrangement of this part is difficult to observe because it is fairly dark. The Yatagarasu appears for the first time in front of the player. In this section, there is a Low Detail Mode button. Following that comes a cube series with invisible obstacles, with the only indications being mirror images on the floor and ceiling. Finally, there is a teleportation gateway that leads to Anubis's section.


  • Press [up] [w] [space] or click to jump on the yellow bands.
  • Do not touch the spikes.
  • In ship mode, hold down to fly up and let go to fly down.
  • To get a big jump, hit a yellow pad.
  • f you want to jump higher, hit a blue pad (there is no gravity portal).
  • Get the coins to get extra points.
  • Toggle effects by hitting L (to cut down on lag).

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