Tennis Physics

Tennis Physics

Tennis Physics

Tennis Physics



In Tennis Physics, an entertaining sports and stickman game with hilarious pixel visuals, your goal is to smash the ball with your racket as often as you can.  

After a demanding workday, are you looking to unwind and enjoy some downtime with sports games? If so, you won't get too stressed out when playing tennis because it's a really basic game with lots of entertaining obstacles. This is a really fun tennis game for two players. To win in Tennis Physics, you must be able to control the ball well, knock back opponents, and play solid defense. Make an effort to strike the ball so that the opposition can't stop it and win points. 

How To Play

All you have to do is force your players to strike the other side by hitting the balls with their rackets. You score a point if the other team fails to return the ball. 


  • Player 1: To leap, press "W"
  • Player 2: To jump, press the "UP ARROW KEY"

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